Huge Giveaway!

Hi Beauties! I am SO excited to have the opportunity to share these beautiful Weleda products with my subscribers and friends! I have not one, not two but THREE sets of Weleda’s Sea Buckthorn Body Oil and Arnica Muscle Soak to give away to my followers residing in Canada. Arnica Muscle Soak: Soothing, Energizing, Warming The Arnica Bath Soak is totally amazing if you are … Continue reading Huge Giveaway!

New Makeup I’m Loving! Sephora, drugstore etc.

Hi Beauties! I am excited to dive into these affordable beauty hits I’ve found, hope you enjoy the video and the blog post. XO ❤ New YouTube video is up! Follow the link here: YouTube Video This Milani Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer is da bomb! You can find Milani at Rexall Drugs. Loving the Essence Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder. I use this mostly on … Continue reading New Makeup I’m Loving! Sephora, drugstore etc.

Current Skincare Routine Video!

Hi Beauties! There’s a new video up on Youtube all about my current skincare routine. Most of these products are found at the drugstore or health food store. Here’s a link! Please watch, like, share, subscribe, follow on Insta/FB/Twitter and all that good stuff! Current Skincare Routine Youtube Video! So, here’s a still of the products I use at night… And here’s the morning lineup… … Continue reading Current Skincare Routine Video!

Blitz Facial Bar Review

  My girl Leah and I had a great time at the Blitz Facial Bar  by Body Blitz this weekend, Roncesvalles location. The staff were lovely and all smiles, the treatment facility was beautifully designed and sparkly clean and the dreaded pan flute music was swapped out for an acoustic songwriter mix which was both relaxing and stimulating. Oh, and spa waters all around! Ohmmm… … Continue reading Blitz Facial Bar Review

DIY Mani-Pedi Bootcamp

Spring is here! Summer is around the corner, I can feel it. Any day now we’ll be chillin’ on patios, packing up the car for a weekend away, hitting the local beaches with friends, strolling the city streets in our strappy sandals and lounging poolside. If your hands, feet and legs are looking a little… Adams Family, here are some tips for reviving and rejeuvinating them … Continue reading DIY Mani-Pedi Bootcamp

How To Take a Compliment Like a Champ

I got gabbin’ to a friend the other day about the horrible case of the Awkwards that ensues when paid a compliment. The red face, the chills, the instant self shaming, the compulsion to deflect and draw attention to someone else, the vomiting,  the horror, the horror! Okay, maybe it’s not that bad in your case, but we could all use a few pointers on … Continue reading How To Take a Compliment Like a Champ