Playing With Makeup

Hi Beauties! I hope you had a nice long weekend and got to relax. I had the extreme priveledge of being able to colour all over these beautiful women’s faces while demoing some new products and it was A BLAST! I started everyone’s face with the MAC Prep + Prime Fix + with coconut water, aloe and lots of other good stuff packed in there. … Continue reading Playing With Makeup

New Makeup I’m Loving! Sephora, drugstore etc.

Hi Beauties! I am excited to dive into these affordable beauty hits I’ve found, hope you enjoy the video and the blog post. XO ❤ New YouTube video is up! Follow the link here: YouTube Video This Milani Retouch + Erase Light-Lifting Concealer is da bomb! You can find Milani at Rexall Drugs. Loving the Essence Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder. I use this mostly on … Continue reading New Makeup I’m Loving! Sephora, drugstore etc.

Current Skincare Routine Video!

Hi Beauties! There’s a new video up on Youtube all about my current skincare routine. Most of these products are found at the drugstore or health food store. Here’s a link! Please watch, like, share, subscribe, follow on Insta/FB/Twitter and all that good stuff! Current Skincare Routine Youtube Video! So, here’s a still of the products I use at night… And here’s the morning lineup… … Continue reading Current Skincare Routine Video!

Blitz Facial Bar Review

  My girl Leah and I had a great time at the Blitz Facial Bar  by Body Blitz this weekend, Roncesvalles location. The staff were lovely and all smiles, the treatment facility was beautifully designed and sparkly clean and the dreaded pan flute music was swapped out for an acoustic songwriter mix which was both relaxing and stimulating. Oh, and spa waters all around! Ohmmm… … Continue reading Blitz Facial Bar Review

Contest Time! Coming Soon to a Drugstore near You…

Hello beauties! I want to say a quick Thank You to your fabulous selves for the support so far. I have been having so much fun sharing! As I venture into my next scary and uncharted waters, video-making, I am turning to my followers to help me with some ideas! Please share any thoughts, comments or ideas with me. And the best part, WIN A PRIZE … Continue reading Contest Time! Coming Soon to a Drugstore near You…

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

Whether you are with someone or flying solo, here are a few items I am loving that would make great gifts for wife, girlfriend, mom, or your fabulous self. Make Valentine’s Day about love: Loving and honouring yourself as much as your significant other. Continue reading 5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her


Finding the very best eyeshadow will enrich your overall look and keep your makeup collection simple. When it comes to colour, there really are no hard and fast rules, but if you feel lost you can apply some basic colour theory to get an attractive eye look that suits your mood and lifestyle. Step 1: Colour Wheel and Finding Your Complimentary Colours When choosing colours to … Continue reading BEST EYESHADOW