Playing With Makeup

Hi Beauties! I hope you had a nice long weekend and got to relax. I had the extreme priveledge of being able to colour all over these beautiful women’s faces while demoing some new products and it was A BLAST! I started everyone’s face with the MAC Prep + Prime Fix + with coconut water, aloe and lots of other good stuff packed in there. … Continue reading Playing With Makeup


Finding the very best eyeshadow will enrich your overall look and keep your makeup collection simple. When it comes to colour, there really are no hard and fast rules, but if you feel lost you can apply some basic colour theory to get an attractive eye look that suits your mood and lifestyle. Step 1: Colour Wheel and Finding Your Complimentary Colours When choosing colours to … Continue reading BEST EYESHADOW

Skin Tone: Colour Basics for the Perfect Makeup

If major confusion sets in at the makeup counter, maybe it’s because you don’t know where to start. Some basic colour theory can set you up with the tools to make your next shopping trip a little less overwhelming. Continue reading Skin Tone: Colour Basics for the Perfect Makeup

Let’s Go Cruelty-Free

It might be something in the back of your mind from time to time, like trying to choose organic options at the grocery store or spending less on fast fashion. We know the world needs to change. We see the ramifications of our actions and consumer choices on the news every single day. We may even know that each year, more than 100 million animals- … Continue reading Let’s Go Cruelty-Free

How-To: Winged Eyeliner

Hi beauties!

Okay, I am going to attempt to lay out some simple steps to get wingy with it. This may eventually become a video, but for now I will share with you my non-professional tips on cat eyes. I am passionate about art and makeup, but not a trained professional. Kandee Johnson and Pixi Woo have taught me most of what I know, along with many other beauty gurus and friends.

So: I like a thick, chunky wing with just a small flick at the end. I have hooded lids, which means that the skin of my eyelid hangs over the hollow of my eye sockets. It is easier to achieve this look without, however if you too have hooded lids you can still play with a cat eye if you follow these tips. Beautiful makeup is about being able to see a face for its unique features and imperfections and either enhance them or diminish them. A cat-eye is a bold look and can seem scary at first, but if you have the right tools and some patience you can achieve it. Continue reading How-To: Winged Eyeliner