Male Grooming

Hi Beauties! I had the opportunity to do some colour correcting and male grooming for camera with my husband Lucas. We had lots of fun and the results were terrific! With a minimal amount of product and a focus on skincare, men can achieve an effortless, brushed-up look. This is a great idea if you are going to have photos taken or are attending a … Continue reading Male Grooming

Summer Essentials Guide

Hey Beauties! How is summer treating you so far? I’m a bit of a workaholic these days, but trying to get outside as often as I can for some vitamin D and relaxation! It soothes the soul. ❤ Okay: Here are some of my fave items and summer routine essentials! Clockwise from 12 ‘o clock: Bikini: Old Navy, Sunnies: H&M, Lip Balm: Pixi by Petra, … Continue reading Summer Essentials Guide

Skincare Update

Hi Beauties ❤ So, my skincare routine is pretty much the same but I have been trying some new products and as we move into warm weather, I thought I’d give you the update. My day and night cream is still Weleda but a different variety: I’m trying and LOVING ( maybe more than my previous?!) the Age Revitalizers with evening primrose. Oh. My. God. … Continue reading Skincare Update

Current Skincare Routine Video!

Hi Beauties! There’s a new video up on Youtube all about my current skincare routine. Most of these products are found at the drugstore or health food store. Here’s a link! Please watch, like, share, subscribe, follow on Insta/FB/Twitter and all that good stuff! Current Skincare Routine Youtube Video! So, here’s a still of the products I use at night… And here’s the morning lineup… … Continue reading Current Skincare Routine Video!

Blitz Facial Bar Review

  My girl Leah and I had a great time at the Blitz Facial Bar  by Body Blitz this weekend, Roncesvalles location. The staff were lovely and all smiles, the treatment facility was beautifully designed and sparkly clean and the dreaded pan flute music was swapped out for an acoustic songwriter mix which was both relaxing and stimulating. Oh, and spa waters all around! Ohmmm… … Continue reading Blitz Facial Bar Review

Getting Older Brings More Beauty: A Birthday Blog

Welp, here it is. I have officially hit the age I was kind of scared of. I’m sure there’ll be many other ages to come that scare the living daylights outta me, but for some reason 36 was the big one. At least, this is the story I have been telling myself, and now that it is here I am darn grateful for this day, … Continue reading Getting Older Brings More Beauty: A Birthday Blog