Skincare Update

Hi Beauties ❤

So, my skincare routine is pretty much the same but I have been trying some new products and as we move into warm weather, I thought I’d give you the update.

My day and night cream is still Weleda but a different variety: I’m trying and LOVING ( maybe more than my previous?!) the Age Revitalizers with evening primrose. Oh. My. God. My skin is tight! AND they smell amazing. At first, I smelled a carrot patch. Now I can smell the subtle floral aroma as I work this rich yet remarkably lightweight cream into my face and neck. Let’s just say, like all Weleda products, they smell botanical and of-the-earth. NOTE: They do not smell like wham-you-over-the-head roses by any means, but still floral.


What the website says:


DAYCREAM: Restores skin’s radiance

Age Revitalizing Day Cream is formulated especially to revitalize mature skin. Antioxidant-rich and intensely hydrating, it protects skin against environmental stressors, plumps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates skin’s vital functions.The formula is rich in evening primrose oil, high in essential fatty acids, which helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier. Gotu-kola extract, known to increase collagen production, provides support to the skin’s structure. It’s also enhanced with inca nut oil, noted for its high vitamin E content that helps to promote skin renewal.Packed with additional skin-nourishing and restoring ingredients, this elegant day cream will leave skin radiant, firm and smooth. For best results, use with the Age Revitalizing Eye & Lip Cream and Age Revitalizing Night Cream.Proof It Works
In third-party efficacy tests, 77% said they saw an improvement in skin tone and 73% saw an increase in firmness, after using the product twice daily for four weeks.
NIGHT CREAM:Stimulates skin’s vital functionsA highly effective formula that utilizes Weleda’s holistic way of looking at plants and nature and 93-years’ of skincare knowledge to support the skin’s restorative process throughout the night.This revitalizing cream contains vitamin E-rich wheat germ oil and inca nut oil to provide antioxidant protection against skin-damaging free radicals. Gotu-kola extract, known to increase collagen production, provides support to the skin’s structure and results in a firmer-looking appearance. Nourishing plant, nut and seed oils, supercharged with essential fatty and omega acids, help to restore skin’s moisture barrier overnight.Awaken to deeply nourished, plumper-looking skin with improved tone and firmness. For best results, use with Age Revitalizing Day Cream and Age Revitalizing Eye & Lip Cream.


So, now let’s discuss exfoliation.

Quick love letter:

Eauné, you crept into my life like a quiet giant and have COMPLETELY changed my lazy-gal routine. I love thee. 💜


The Rosehip Vitamin C Exfoliant is a game-changer for those nights when you are so tired you question whether or not to wash your face before passing out face-first on the bed in your party clothes/ mom overalls/ workwear in exhaustion from being awesome for far too many consecutive hours.

Come on, I know we’ve all been there. This is your quick fix, ladies. AND it’s made in Toronto AND this giant tub is only $18! Wuuuuuutttt​?! I’m telling you, buy this and buy one for everyone you have to buy gifts for forever. There is SO much product that I have used it in the shower on my body for fear of never getting to buy another one! ( Does anyone else suffer from this irrational fear? I love new things.) This one does smell rosey-posey and like refreshing vitamin C goodness. The sugar dissolves so fast and works into this bizarrely awesome lather. If sugar scrubs have been too intense for you in the past, I would tiptoe towards this one. It’s just that good.

And now, vitamin C. I think I will actually talk about vitamin C in an upcoming video, but I do want to bring you up to speed. I have been using Indeed’s Vitamin C (around $20 at Shopper’s Drug Mart if I am remembering correctly).


This is one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C, sitting at 22%, that you can buy for such an amazing price before moving into very high-end dermatological products. Vitamin C by nature is an unstable molecule and requires a carrier, so this product uses a silicone base. If you don’t like that slip that comes from silicone, this is not the product for you. If it doesn’t bother you, this product is incredibly effective. It has a slight sting or burn to it that dissipates quickly ( that’s how you know it’s working so I like it).


What does it do? Vitamin C works on repairing sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Sun spots? Freckles? Consider going for some C! Just keep in mind that using anything with C can make your skin ultra sensitive to sun, so SPF is a must. I have seen results in about one month of use. It’s not a miracle overnight thing, it’s a long-term cleaner-upper that will also work as a preventative measure. Me likey!

Well, I hope this helps inspires you a little bit. Remember to enjoy the sun but protect yourself from it as much as possible.

Lots of love,




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