Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day

She does it all and it’s time to worship.

Maybe that “She” is you and you’d like to treat yourself ( which I think is essential if you are a mommy or a busy woman who cares for others and often neglects yourself).

Here are a few gift ideas that would suit even the most fussy of the bunch.

Floral Tote Bag

This adorable tote won my heart the last time I took a spin through Indigo. Generally speaking, a tote bag is a wonderful gift for a woman that is tricky to buy for. All of us need a tote, a catch-all for marketing and travelling. This springy pattern is too cute!

Create Your Own Terrarium- Home Depot

I love the idea of making Mom a terrarium. This gift would be great if you have kids to involve in the process, just avoid the prickly cacti in this scenario. Terrariums have been a trendy piece of decor now for long enough that they are here to stay, and they make a lovely alternative to traditional flowers.  A terrarium will last longer as a charming centrepiece that Mom will be able to look at in wonder.


Weleda Perfume

These Weleda perfumes are part of my personal collection, so I can attest to their absolute beauty every time I spritz. Long-time Weleda fan girl, I cannot honestly choose a favourite. Weleda uses the highest quality essential oils to create these perfumes and they offer an aromatherapeutic benefit as well. I think these are a MUST for mom!

Link to Weleda perfume HERE




These are two cult faves from Weleda also that are sure to please just about any woman. The Weleda Skin Food is an extremely rich yet fast absorbing multi-purpose cream ( I use it primarily as hand cream at night before bed, but you can use it everywhere) and the Weleda Nail Care Pen. This little gizmo nourishes your cuticles on-the-go and makes a perfect travel companion and home-manicure staple.

Weleda Skin Food LINK

Weleda Nail Care Pen LINK

Whenever I think of Mother’s Day, I think of giving Mom some self-care. Other ideas include a trip to the local spa, making breakfast in bed, clearing the kid out of the house for some R&R and Netflix binging, an outing to the Botanical Gardens, homemade anything and brunch.

Whatever you get up to, make it special, make memories and cherish your loved ones. ❤

Happy Mother’s Day Beauties,



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