Blitz Facial Bar Review


Spa Day Facials

My girl Leah and I had a great time at the Blitz Facial Bar  by Body Blitz this weekend, Roncesvalles location.

The staff were lovely and all smiles, the treatment facility was beautifully designed and sparkly clean and the dreaded pan flute music was swapped out for an acoustic songwriter mix which was both relaxing and stimulating. Oh, and spa waters all around! Ohmmm…

What we got:


Looks after all the essentials; deep cleanse, skin analysis, tone, argan oil serum, facial massage, mask, hydration, SPF and lip balm. Great for regular visits or a quick glow.

$48 | 30 min

What we added:


Take your facial to the next level of customization by targeting specific skin concerns and goals.

The beautifully freckly Leah got:

A vitamin C mask and radiance serum designed to brighten skin and lighten sun damage and dark spots.

Vitamic C Mask
Vitamin C Mask

The feeling-kinda-dry Tanya got:

Get the plump without filler with a deep moisturizing mask and plumping serum.

Plumping Mask
Plumping Mask

The massage portion of the facial was divine! I believe this was the argan oil stage, and we were both transported to a galaxy far, far away!

The masks were then delicately spread all over our faces, both had little to zero scent which I loved, and the setting time was put to good use by either indulging in a scalp massage ( me, AMAZING) or a hand and arm massage ( Leah, was happy as a clam).

The masks were then removed, hot towels applied OMG my favorite  thing of life, skin clensed and oiled, lip balm applied and we were on our way feeling radiant and cared for.

Spa Day
After Selfie
Blitz Plumping Serum
What I Bought
Carmex Lip Balm, old-school

All-in-all, a wonderful treat that made us both want to come back! Thanks to Crystal for the expertise and the pictures. 😁


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