How To Take a Compliment Like a Champ


I got gabbin’ to a friend the other day about the horrible case of the Awkwards that ensues when paid a compliment. The red face, the chills, the instant self shaming, the compulsion to deflect and draw attention to someone else, the vomiting, Β the horror, the horror!

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad in your case, but we could all use a few pointers on how to receive praise and compliments graciously.

The most important thing to remember is that a compliment is a gift. Someone has just given you a gift and you are about to shit all over it! Breathe deeply and think before you speak. You will thank me later.

1. Body Language

Believe it or not, this tells your admirer alot about your self confidence and how easy it will be to continue conversing with you. Make eye contact, lean into the person slightly, never turn away and for goodness sake SMILE! I know, you’d rather hide under the furniture, but just smile instead.

2. Never Make Light

This is a big no-no, and one I am guilty of. Undermining the compliment is hurtful. If someone says something great about you and you don’t necessarily agree, just say Thank You and move on. Pointing the finger at others who deserve credit instead or belittling the compliment itself will undercut the person who paid it and make them feel crummy. I can guarantee the compliments will stop after that.

3. Share the Wealth

Sometimes we find ourselves receiving praise for what was clearly a team effort. Always make sure you give a shout-out to the team, naming each and every person that made it possible.

4. Exhibit Positive Energy

A beautiful way to work with a compliment, not against it, is talking about your hopes and dreams for the future. This brings the person in on where you’re at and can create a deeper bond.

5. Just. Say. Thank You.

That’s it. It’s the simplest way to accept praise. Say thank you with a smile and move on with your life.Β JUST SAY THANK S!

Remember, a compliment is a GIFT. My friend, who inspired this blog, told me that you can think of compliments as buckets of water and your self esteem as a well. Every time you receive one you can fill the well. I think this is a beautiful visualization that might help cure some of the “icks”.

Good luck, Beauties!




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