Getting Older Brings More Beauty: A Birthday Blog

Birthday Blog

Welp, here it is. I have officially hit the age I was kind of scared of.

I’m sure there’ll be many other ages to come that scare the living daylights outta me, but for some reason 36 was the big one. At least, this is the story I have been telling myself, and now that it is here I am darn grateful for this day, this age, and all I have been given and achieved for myself.

Why are Birthdays so linked to our achievements and goals? We seem to have expectations for ourselves that really make no sense at all. Can you really put a deadline on self-love, self-care, inner peace, acceptance, forgiveness, being in the moment, being good to those you care about and rewarding yourself whenever possible?! I think these tools have served me most and been the keys to attaining the things I want, and I am still learning how to use them. I will always be learning how to use them, that’s what makes this trip a fun and beautiful ride.

It is always a good idea to check in and remember what a miracle this life is. Nobody knows why or how YOU came to exist. The seemingly infinite universe is layed out before us, and we choose to obsess about our wrinkles, haircuts and bank accounts. L oh L! Head out into the great outdoors and breathe in the magic of the world. The older we get, the more we are given a choice: Do we choose to be in love with the earth and its gifts and wisdom or do we choose to grow hardened by it? That is up to you.

The old phrase “watch what you wish for” has been proven to me time and time again. The power of setting intentions and making a constructive plan and goal is absolutely mind-blowingly magical. I’ve seen it work for others and for myself and it’s a beautiful thing. Taking it to the next level: If you have the guts to share your hopes and dreams with those you love, the possibilities open up and, oh dude, get ready to welcome in the gifts!

When you set attainable and achievable goals, you train your brain to be happy and fear a little less. You send a message to your brain that says “I am capable of anything, I can have what I want and I deserve that.” Most people I know live with fear in some parts of their lives: Fear to change, fear to grow, fear to have an impact on the world. Fear is neighbors with hate, so you really gotta check it before you wreck it. Not only that, but these fears often contradict our exact dreams. I say, start small. Set an achievable goal and show your brain and heart how good it feels to achieve it. Sidenote: If you have ever shared your fears with me, thank you for trusting me and opening up. That is the first step to looking fear in the face and laughing whole-heartedly at how silly it is!

Of course, I still have lots of goals and desires of my own. I am far from perfect, but I guess that’s kind of my point. That whole “dance like nobody’s watching” philosophy. Why wait for your life to begin when precious days are passing anyway? Say goodbye to fear: Fear of ageing, changing, losing, saying goodbye to those we love. These are all inevitable in this life, so let’s embrace the beauty and rock on!!!




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