Finding the very best eyeshadow will enrich your overall look and keep your makeup collection simple. When it comes to colour, there really are no hard and fast rules, but if you feel lost you can apply some basic colour theory to get an attractive eye look that suits your mood and lifestyle.

Step 1: Colour Wheel and Finding Your Complimentary Colours

Colour Wheel

When choosing colours to wear on both the eyelid and near the face, ( a hat or scarf, for instance) it is best to find your eye colour on this wheel and then move directly to the left, right or opposite side. For instance, if you have blue eyes, you can see that wearing purply tones, turquoise tones or orange tones will best suit your eyes. If you have green eyes, you can try golds or yellows, blues or purples. Brown eyed beauties get to have the most fun, as almost all colours suit brown eyes. If you have brown eyes, notice if there are any flecks of gold or green in them and compliment that colour. If not, check in with your skin tone and hair colour to compliment those.

Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are the most common eye colour and very striking. With a beautifully shaped bold eyebrow, almost any colour can compliment brown eyes. The only colour I would avoid is brown, as it can fight with your eye colour and end up making the eye look dirty. ( If you love a brown eyeshadow look, just keep it warm and velvety and consider introducing a navy eyeliner.) Navy and steel grey are cool tones that enhance the warmth of brown eyes. If you want to do a smokey eye, play with some navy eyeshadow. Metallics are beautiful on a young eye. If you have some wrinkles or texture to your eyelid, go matte and save the metallics for your inner eye or brow bone. For a fun pop of colour in the summer, try pinks, electric purples and even bright blue.

Green Eyes

Green eyes look great with some green eyeshadow or eyeliner, a smokey purple look or some warm red, burgundies or orange tones to bring out the flecks of red or gold often found in green and hazel eyes. Try warm golds, coppers and browns. I have green- hazely eyes myself and I really enjoy a cranberry colour shadow and eyeliner.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes can really pop when dressed up in yellowy golds and bluey greens or reversely, oranges and pinks. A beautiful smokey eye for blue peepers is a deep brick red with a pop of pink or  orange on the eyelid.


Step 2: Metallics vs. Mattes

I am not a makeup artist by training, so this is just my opinion. There is a time and place for metallics and mattes.

If you have ageing eyes, you can still play with metallics but it is all about where on the eye you place them. Metallics reflect and catch light, so avoid placing them on any skin that is sagging or wrinkled. This will enhace the wrinkles by drawing light to the area. You can place a brightening shade in the very inner corner of your eye to give an awake look. Also, metallic eyeliners are a great way to incorporate some shine to your look without enhancing age.

The best place for metallic shadow is right on the centre of the eyelid to catch light and make the eyes appear larger. That said, if you have a mono-lid ( eyelids that go straight into your upper brow bone with no crease, the only place you should use a metallic shadow is on the brow bone to give the eye dimension. For mono-lid beauties, stick to mattes.

Matte shadows deflect or draw light AWAY from the area. Also, bright mattes give a flat and modern eye look. Matte shadow works perfectly for darkening the crease area and playing with colour on an older eye.


Step 3: Pallet or Pans?

If you know your colouring, stick to a similar eye look virtually every day and have one or two evening looks, invest in a great pallet. The Urban Decay Naked pallet is probably one of the most revered pallets on the market. With these colours, both matte and metallic, you will never need to buy another eyeshadow again. It comes with a great brush, not those silly little sponge applicators, and a good mirror. The colours lean warm, so if you prefer cooler tones I suggest dropping by Sephora for a good look.


If this is out of your price range and you are not sure how much you will wear eyeshadow, I highly reccommend the Wet ‘N Wild pallets. They are cruelty free of course and phenomenal for the price! The best one is called “Comfort Zone” and goes for less than $5.00 at Walmart or select Shopper’s Drug Mart stores, but all the Wet ‘N Wild pallets are highly pigmented and don’t create a big mess with fallout or dust like most cheap eyeshadows.

( I’ll talk more about pallets and shadows in a separate blog post.)


If you want to just try a fun colour, I highly recommend the Annabelle single or trio eyeshadows from Shopper’s Drug Mart. They are great and of course cruelty-free.


I love my trio in “Stunning” from Mineral Fusion which I have blogged about before, found at Whole Foods or on The gold shade is sublime!


Well, I hope this helps a bit! Remember, the colour wheel is your best friend, there’s a time and place for metallics, and play with colours to find what works. Leave me some questions, happy to help!



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