Let’s Go Cruelty-Free

It might be something in the back of your mind from time to time, like trying to choose organic options at the grocery store or spending less on fast fashion. We know the world needs to change. We see the ramifications of our actions and consumer choices on the news every single day. We may even know that each year, more than 100 million animals- including mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds- are killed in the USA due to lab testing (PETA fact). So why do we go on day after day making the same choices? I hope I can inspire you to ask yourself some tough questions:”Why am I buying products tested on animals? Why is this still a reality of the beauty market? What can I do to stop this?”

Let me take a crack at answering these questions.

The reason why Canadians are still buying products tested on animals is because they are still readily available. I had the opportunity to speak with Liz White, the Director at Animal Alliance of Canada and Leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada. Liz and her team are responsible for Bill S-214, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which is being discussed in Ottawa as we speak. The bill is encouraging Canada to follow suit with the EU and their cruelty-free legislation and has three parts. The first prohibits the testing of animals, the second prohibits the import of animal-tested products into Canada, and the third prohibits animal-tested chemicals to be used in the making of cosmetics. As it stands, Canada’s $1.4 billion dollar beauty market is booming with a huge spike in demand for luxury beauty items, almost all of which test on animals or use materials tested on animals. A study conducted in 2013 says the average woman spends $15,000 on beauty products over the course of her lifetime. So: armed with some numbers ( which are a little out of date, mind you), think about your money and where you want it to go. Do you want to support the major players that continue to conduct cruel tests on our furry friends or do you want to use your money to make a message?

Second question: Why is this still a reality in the beauty market? The global market has changed things. If companies want to sell to China, they must test on animals. The Chinese authorities can test whatever they like on animals. Companies like MAC Cosmetics, who were once cruelty-free, bringing their products to market in China meant saying goodbye to this truism and no longer being cruelty-free. Bottom line: Profit.

What can you do? Along with spending your money wisely, Liz White encourages anyone who is passionate to contact their local MP regarding Bill S-214 ( just enter your postal code into the government website and you will see who your MP is, their address and phone number) and ask for their support. Also, follow the global movement #BeCrueltyFree and reference the Leaping Bunny list for wonderful brands that do not test on animals.

I am here for you with plenty of ideas and inspirations on the blog! You can always contact me with questions or concerns.

Let’s be cruelty-free!

Love T



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