The Balm: Time Balm Foundation Review


Hi beauty enthusiasts! So, I know this product is not new but it is new to my collection. As I make the transition to cruelty-free and more natural ingredients, I am researching what products out there are already loved, favored, available in Canada, somewhat affordable and appropriate for 30-something+ skin. This foundation right here fit my steep criteria, so I have given it a rigorous “whirl” for the past two weeks and the verdict is in: LOVE!

The Balm is an amazing cruelty-free and paraben-free cosmetics company that started out  12 years ago in Marissa Shipman’s kitchen. She has created fun products that offer great pigment, incredible scents, anti-aging properties and adorable packaging to boot. More about the Balm here: Balm

Here it is, the Balm’s Time Balm foundation. What they say: “TimeBalm foundation is Paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and perfect for all skin types. The beneficial ingredients: Vitamin A, C and E, Soybean Oil, Panthenol, Linoleic Acid, Phospholipids, and Beeswax, create a powerful cocktail that combats wrinkles and protects your skin from environmental stresses.” I picked mine up at Rexall Pharma Plus, they carry some great makeup lines worth checking out and always have a sale happening. Check out the pretty decent colour range here: The Balm Foundation


As you can see, this extremely buildable foundation provides tons of coverage. In fact, I have sported JUST this foundation and skipped my beloved undereye concealer more days than not. Unheard of! I love me a buildable foundation, as you can use it day to night and always feel polished. I set it with powder because for some reason it is slightly oily on me at first. I would say it is best suited for combination skin, not overly dry skin.

I have been using a dampened Real Techniques sponge ( my new fave tool, OMG get one!) Link and just bouncing the foundation all over the face, eyes, neck and lips.

At first, it creases a little bit and settles in fine lines. After a second “blend” it buffs out.

It wears all day and photographs beautifully. It’s kind of incredible stuff, truly.

Not so magical: The little plastic pot it comes in. I have a friend who complains about poor packaging and girl, your hand would CRUSH this pot. It also comes with a weak little sponge that went straight in the trash to be honest.

Because the product itself is so delightful, I will not fault the Balm Time Balm Foundation for this.

Here’s the list of ingredients:


I hope my review helps! Let me know if there are any specific products you would like me to look at in the new year.




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