A Spa Day at Home


When you are feeling warn out and a little listless, the best gift to give yourself is a spa day at home. It won’t break the bank and you can wear your pyjamas without fear of public scorn. Sound good? Read on for some ideas and inspiration!

  1. Favorite Sweats

    Get in your most favourite, warn-in and delicious sweats. No restrictive waistbands and zero bonus points for cuteness here. Just be comfy and warm.

  2. Brand New Socks

    I cannot stress the importance of starting out a spa day at home on the right foot ( pun intended) with a brand spankin’ new pair of warm fuzzy socks. It really feels luxurious to snap the tag off and put those puppies on.

  3. Face Mask

    Sheet masks, goopy green detoxifiers, charcoal, oatmeal, whatever you enjoy and works for you, slather it on and kick back. I like the single packs from Baléa at Shoppers Drug Mart. The brightening mud mask is pretty great, but I am always trying new things in the face mask arena. Please comment below with your faves!

  4. Foot Soak

    Before hubs bought me a foot soaker that vibrates for Christmas a few years ago, I just used a bucket with some epsom salts and a few drops of teatree and almond oil. Fill the bucket or foot bath with hot water and have a fluffy clean towel nearby. Relaaaaaaaax….

  5. Moisturizer

    While your feet are soaking and your face is crinkling, it’s a nice time to apply moisturizer to hands, elbows or knees. Have you ever used your hand moisturizer and then thrown a pair of gloves on to let them really hydrate? It’s amazing. My current fave is Skin Food by Weleda.

  6. Scalp Massage

    Give the old noggin a massage while you kick back. You can use an oil that is good for your hair or just use your fingers to massage around the hairline, back of the neck and shoulders.

  7. Hot Water Bottle

    Keep toasty with a hot water bottle at the base of your spine and a cozy blanket. If you are enjoying your home spa in the summer, ice yourself under the armpits or use a cool damp cloth to cool yourself down.

  8. Face Steam

    One of the most amazing things you can do for your pores and your vocal chords and lungs is steam your face and head. WARNING: Please be careful and do not overheat or burn yourself. Boil some water and pour it in a dish with some peppermint oil. Let it cool for a few seconds and then lower your face over the bowl with a towel draped around your head. Breathe deeply. Take breaks so you don’t overheat.

  9. Binge-Worthy TV

    Totally self-explanatory, right? Make sure whatever you are viewing on spa day has a positive message or uplifting quality. We can often over-indulge in extremely negative television and movies and this can leave us feeling depleted or sad. Watch something beautiful and inspiring! One of my recent faves is Advanced Style.

  10. Healthy Snacks

    OMG Veggie Straws, almonds, dark chocolate, veggies and hummus, walnuts, grapes, yummy! Have your healthy snacks ready to go and easy to grab. Remember to have an amazing day for yourself. If you can unplug, do it. If you can take a few hours off social media, do it. Relax, recoup and enjoy!


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