Top 5 Essentials for a Weekend Away


So, you are ready to throw your overnight bag together for a weekend away. The wardrobe comes naturally perhaps, since you know what the weather will be like and what activities you have planned. However, when you get to your hair and makeup stash you realize you might run the risk of over-packing. Been there, done that! Let me preface this list by saying I am not a makeup artist, I am simply a woman of the world with many road trips and whirlwind weekends under her belt. So let’s get you packed!

1.MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES In my opinion, the most important and multi-functional item you can pack is makeup remover wipes. These come in handy to freshen up your face, wipe up car spills, and obviously do the job they are intended to do by stripping off your makeup at the end of the day. You won’t be lugging around a bottle, major bonus. I will be doing a blog post on makeup remover soon, but just know that I have incredibly sensitive eyes so at the moment I make my own wipes using face cloths and cotton pads, putting them in ziplock bags and saturating them with Bioderma.

2.EYELASH CURLER You might be thinking, “Eyelash curler? Seriously?” YES! I will harp on about the magic of curling your lashes on this blog whenever I get the opportunity. I truly think it’s the difference between looking kind of awake and looking completely refreshed. If you had time for nothing else in the morning, I would instruct to curl those lashes. You don’t need anything fancy, any lash curler will do. Just make it a habit to never leave the house without a quick curl. The proper way to do this is grasp the lashes as close to the root as possible without hurting your peepers and squeeze and hold for a few seconds. Then bring the curler up to the middle of the lash and squeeze again to get a really nice full curl. The “pumping” method also works for some people where you pump the curler on the lashes for several seconds.

3.FAVE MASCARA Okay, we diversify a bit here. If you are doing a sporty weekend away on the ski hills or you just have a more natural look, go with a clear mascara since it can also double as an eyebrow grooming tool ( and if you have bangs or a fringe, may I just blow your mind and tell you that you can totally use your eyebrow gel to groom your hair? Yup.) It won’t run during your outdoor adventures and since you’ve already curled those eyelashes it will do a lovely job of holding the curl and keeping your eyes looking bright and awake. However, if you are hitting the city streets and enjoying nights out you will definitely need to pack your black mascara. If you make the formula waterproof it will really hold the curl! This is something to keep in mind for anyone who has very pin-straight lashes. Always go waterproof, you won’t regret it.

4.EYE CREAM A fantastic eye cream can serve many functions during your weekend away, as long as it is not the top-shelf caviar of eye cream. You can use it as your face cream and hand cream and lip balm, saving yourself having to pack all of the bottles. In fact, if you have the right eye cream, you can even use it to strip off your makeup at the end of the night. Make sure to go for something mild. I love Lush’s Enchanted Eye Cream. However, I still stand by my makeup remover pads, they are just so dang handy!

5.TINTED LIP GLOSS This should be a your-lips-but-better shade that can sheer on during the day for a slightly pulled-together look or layer up at night for a darker lip look. I love Flower Beauty’s Shine On lipgloss.

Along with these face and beauty essentials I would pack a wide tooth comb and some dry shampoo or a travel sized hairspray. Be sure to wash your locks before hitting the road so you don’t have to mess around with shampoos, conditioners and hair tools. NOT fun to pack or travel with.

Bon voyage!



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