Embarking on a Beauty Mission

It is with extreme JOY that I write my first natural beauty and wellness blog. ❤

I have been an observer of the expansive beauty community for two entire decades. I haven’t been able to quench my thirst for makeup and hair tutorials, dupes, love it or leave its and even my mom’s own fantastic beauty advice passed down from generations of women before us. The consumer world today is a vast and seemingly endless sea of products and claims for which I have become ruthlessly committed to testing and forming my own opinions.

As it turns out I freely offer my opinions, nudge my way into overheard beauty conversations and covertly turn the subject to beauty/ health/ fitness whenever and wherever I can. For these reasons it has been suggested to me many times to start a blog. So here I go, marching into these fields armed only with my opinions, instincts and the pages of this online diary!

Of course I have my faves, but just as the next person may be striving for more from a product and an industry, so am I.

My mission here is to save the average person time and money. My focus is cruelty-free, as-natural-as-can-be beauty products and health. If something is worth checking out but does not fall under these terms, I vow complete transparency and awareness on the brand and where it falls under the complex umbrella of beauty and natural ingredients and manufacturing procedures and laws.

There will be a learning curve, both with WordPress and beauty, but if I don’t start some time then when will I ever start?

So let’s get going, shall we?

Love Your T



One thought on “Embarking on a Beauty Mission

  1. Good luck with this new venture!
    Here are a couple of links you might like to check out. Women who are craftspersons in natural & wellness products. Mukwa Manitou Herb Company: http://stores.mmhcstore.com/. Most ingredients are sown, grown, harvested and carefully crafted in Yale, BC. Katrina Dennis is qualified Medical Herbalist. For indigenous knowledge (West Coast based) – Cease Wyss. A font of knowledge in wildcrafting. She is concentrating on teas (inner health) at the moment (teamed with her daughter, Senaqwila). They are skilled in many areas of medicines and topicals. They are linked with other practitioners: http://www.groundswellcommunity.ca/events/2016/9/21/cease-wyss-wild-tea-crafter-indigenous-plant-diva-and-artist
    Here’s an interview with them on ACCESS TV (April 2015) https://youtu.be/rhFFwyGoZ10
    For inner beauty: Check out Tracey Kim Bonneau’s ‘Wild Food’ series (2nd season just got the green light) She’s based in the Okanagan region of BC. http://wildfoodwest.com/cast/tracey-kim-bonneau/

    Keep up the healthy works!


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